Is ERnie an attORney?

American English vowel sounds are difficult for second language learners because English has no clear sound-spelling relationship. Five vowel letters and their different combinations create 15 vowel sounds. Most vowel sounds are spelled many different ways. For example, the I sound, as in pink, may be spelled “ee” as in been, “i” as in sit, “o” as in women, “u” as in busy, “ui” as in guitar, or “y” as in system! And, some identical letter combinations are pronounced differently.
Is ERnie an attORney? was designed by professional pronunciation trainers and will help non-native speakers to master the English vowels. Is ERnie an attORney? is distributed by
1. System Requirements: Is ERnie an attORney? is supported on Windows Vista and XP as well as Windows 2000 and 2003 servers. The game contains a large number of audio files. This requires a sound card.
2. Prerequisites: Is ERnie an attORney? requires the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0. The Framework 2.0 is included in Windows Vista by default. The other Windows versions require a download; this is unnecessary if the Framework is already installed to support other applications on your computer. To find out if the framework is already installed, please check to see if the folder C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 exists on your computer. Only the "v2.0" portion is significant. The Framework 2.0 for Windows XP can be downloaded and installed from the following location:
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3. Download and install: Is ERnie an attORney? can be downloaded for installation. The installation file is fairly large and requires several minutes download on a broadband line. It is recommended to save the download locally on your computer before running the installer. To do this, select the Save button after selecting the download link.
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